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Recognized by the American Medical Association as an Allied Health Profession, the Licensed Athletic Trainer is a well-trained professional and an integral part of a complete athletic program. The role of the Licensed Athletic Trainer includes prevention, treatment and rehabilitation of athletic injuries as well as education and counseling of athletes. A Licensed Athletic Trainer has a thorough knowledge of anatomy, physiology, nutrition, conditioning, and other related areas. The Cedar Hill Athletic Training Staff is pleased to work in conjunction with the Dallas Orthopedic Center to assist you in facilitating the most appropriate care for your child. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions regarding your child's injury.

Cedar Hill I.S.D. employs four Nationally Certified and/or Licensed Athletic Trainers who provide primary and/or follow up care to the student athletes of Cedar Hill High School, Ninth Grade Center and Permenter Middle School.  We assist in the rehabilitation/recovery and/or prevention of injuries to athletes involved in the various athletic programs. 

Cedar Hill I.S.D. does not carry insurance coverage on its athletes.  Medical costs from injuries incurred as a result of participation in athletics are the responsibility of the parent/guardian.  Every effort is made to prevent injury to our student athletes; however, injury does occur as a normal part of competitive athletic participation.   Supplemental insurance is offered to all students through the front office at the beginning of every school year.

If any illness or injury should occur that may limit your student's participation, I agree to notify school medical authorities (i.e.: athletic trainers) of such illness or injuries.    If an injury is significant enough for an athlete to be seen by a physician, they must receive a written release from that Dr., indicating their date of return to play, before being allowed to return to competition.  This release should be turned in to the athletic trainers.